Sunday, March 16, 2008

Technology - For Good and Bad

Technology has been a wonderful tool in making Song of Peace grow in the way that it has. Much of the project's reach has been through email, and the ability to have a website to share everything from repertoire ideas and performances to logos and photos has been phenomenal.

But it creates real problems when that - as the primary "venue" for this organization - suffers problems.

The website itself is in good shape at the moment - the problem is that my web authoring software has developed a glitch. I don't know if it's the software or the computer itself which is having problems today, but I'm now on the search for different web software which will allow me to build the site in the same way that I have been - without having to reformat each and every line and entry.

Thank goodness I learned some HTML principles when I was in college - and coding was just about the only way to create a page. Not being a programmer at heart, I admit I find the software that has been developed since then to be extremely useful - and I wish mine had waited another few weeks to start to crash.

For now though, I'm back to the search and the coding.... I expect the web updates will be a bit slower for the next few days until I fix the problem or until I get much more familiar with whatever new software I find. Please stay tuned...

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